Sandra Cassie

Sandra Cassie B.Ed., B. A., RCM Level 8

  • Private Lessons: Trumpet, Piano

Music and learning are two of Sandra Cassie's biggest passions. She began her music career with piano lessons at the age of 5, followed by trumpet lessons, voice lessons, guitar lessons and saxophone lessons. She has also performed on trombone, euphonium and auxiliary percussion. While there is not an instrument Sandra has heard of that she hasn't thought about trying to learn, her greatest experiences have been with trumpet and piano. Sandra's love for learning and music emerged formally when she received a Bachelor of Education degree from the University of Manitoba, with a minor in music and a major in mathematics. Since then, she has had the opportunity to teach music and dance in elementary schools (K-6), including conducting an extra-curricular choral group and a hand-bell choir, as well as running some trumpet sectionals for students at a high school level. Sandra currently works as a middle year's classroom teacher in Winnipeg. She frequently brings her love of music, movement, and all creative arts into her classroom and uses the students' own interests and passions in her lessons. Sandra is eager to share her passion for music by connecting with her students, finding their natural abilities and helping them grow!

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