Amy Neufeld

Amy Neufeld B.A. (Hon), RCM Level 10

  • Private Lessons: Piano

Amy has been passionately learning the piano since her elementary school years. Throughout high school and university alike, she has devoted countless hours practicing and receiving lessons to improve her musical literacy. Amy has successfully completed all levels of the Royal Conservatory of Music examinations within her classical training. By 2013 she began teaching beginner students upon realizing that she not only loved to learn herself, but also loved imparting that onto others. It is her aim to continuously evolve as a teacher, finding new and exciting ways to engage with students while giving them a quality musical education. Above and beyond her core methods course, Amy loves to explore a variety of music styles with her students such as duets, pop, jazz, Disney, classical and more. Amy’s individualized lesson plans are geared toward beginner to intermediate levels of learning for children and adults.

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