Located at Prairie Soul Dance Company Studio C

10 Cedar Dr, Niverville

Piano Tuning

Starting at $90 per tuning

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Contact Rob Bonefaas

Phone: 204-588-3415

Email: info@musicacademymanitoba.ca

"Music, they say, has the power to unite the world through its ability to transcend all language barriers. For some, like Rob Bonefaas of Music Academy Manitoba, music is both passion and way of life, and his love of the craft is something he hopes to share with as many as possible in this corner of the world." https://nivervillecitizen.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/music-academy-provides-music-exploration-for-all-ages

Under the direction of Rob Bonefaas the Music Academy Manitoba provides a standard of excellence in performing arts education to all ages, levels, and interests of inspiring performers by cultivating craft, creativity, and confidence.

Education Foundations

  1. Provide excellence in performing arts education

  2. Ensure a holistic approach to performing arts education

  3. Facilitate a positive and joyful learning environment

  4. Encourage creativity, confidence, and passion