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Rob Bonefaas B.Ed., B. Mus. (Hon), Certified Orff Specialist

Founder, energetic teacher, and the Netherlands born, Rob Bonefaas began his music education at Dutch conservatories as an all-round percussionist. After immigrating to Canada he graduated with a Bachelor of Music in vocal performance under the guidance of Elise BĂ©dard at McMaster University in Hamilton Ontario. He graduated with a Bachelor in Education at the University of Manitoba and became a Certified Orff Specialist. His dedication to performance with excellence and his enthusiasm to providing opportunities for others to learn and explore the performing arts, naturally led to a path of education. His ability to connect and engage with students of all ages has been recognized within the music and education communities.

Rob has over a decade of teaching experience to Kindergarten - Grade 12 students. He has established a flourishing music program which includes elementary music, choirs, and band. Besides this he has with great success produced and directed high school musicals such as HMS Pinafore by Arthur Sullivan and W. S. Gilbert, and You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown by Clark Gesner. Last year we sadly had to cancel the production of Cinderella by Rogers and Hammerstein.

Rob has instructed and coached adults of various levels and is the founder and director of the Niverville Choral Society which currently has a Kids Choir (age 5-11), Youth Choir (age 12-17), and a Community Choir (age 18 and up).

Learn more about Rob from The Citizen Newspaper article!

"Music, they say, has the power to unite the world through its ability to transcend all language barriers. For some, like Rob Bonefaas of Music Academy Manitoba, music is both passion and way of life, and his love of the craft is something he hopes to share with as many as possible in this corner of the world."


Choral Activities

The Niverville Choral Society is under the direction of Rob Bonefaas and accompanied by Rina Schriemer. In January 2020 the Niverville Youth Choir started with 40 members age 7-17. Sadly we had to stop meeting together early March due the spread of COVID 19. In September 2020 we were able to start up again and decided to reorganize the membership into different age groups and also add a Community Choir. This resulted in:

  • Niverville Kids and Youth Choir - age 5-16

  • Niverville Community Choir - age 17 and older

In November, 2021 we presented an outdoor Christmas Concert with a time of Caroling. And with the COVID restrictions coming to an and had our first official concert Sing into Spring on April 29. An article was posted in the Niverville Citizen https://nivervillecitizen.com/news/arts-and-entertainment/niverville-choral-society-announce-spring-concert

We look forward to starting again in September 2022. For more information contact Rob Bonefaas.

In 2021 I have accepted a part-time position as Adjunct Faculty at Providence University College and Seminary as director of the Providence University Choir. In the Fall Term we presented the Festival of Christmas Praise and in the Winter Term we presented Musicals, Movies, and More!

In the Winter Term I also became the instructor of Applied Music: Voice with four students.

September 2022 I will continue to direct the Providence University Choir in preparation of another Festival of Christmas Praise in December and a Spring Concert in April. I will also continue as instructor of Applied Music: Voice and in addition Applied Music: Woodwinds, Brass, and Percussion.


We are grateful to Prairie Soul Dance Company for providing us with the space and flexibility to run the classes.

Address: 10 Cedar Dr, Niverville